The availability of new technology, state of the art components and last but not least the desire to standardise the use and programming procedures for our command and control appliances has led to the creation of a new generation of electronic appliances.
PRG900 is part of this new generation and as such it is a high performance, reliable and easy to manage programmer for all 24V motors.
PRG900 is a professional appliance designed for installations that respect the standards and regulations in force with the onus very much on the safety aspect, which is just as important as the exemplary performance levels that these programmers have to offer.
PRG900 is designed to control motors for swing-to gates without encoder control such as the embedding motors HL2524 and the BL2124 operator arms but it is also able to control third party motors (indicated by the ‘CUSTOM’ field in the programming software) thanks to parameters that regulate the flow of current during closing and the deceleration speed.

The electronic programmer PRG900 has the following characteristics:
  • motor control is now carried out using the partialization system via MOSFET which replaces the previous control method using relays;
  • current control detects any obstacles that impede the movement of the gate leafduring operation;
  • the opening and closing distances of the gates are automatically programmed via time control;
  • parameters are set using dip-switches;
  • a slot-in optional NiMH battery charger is available;
  • an inbuilt radio receiver card allows the storage of up to 300 user codes;
  • the programmer is fitted with security device tests which locate any eventual failure of the FTCI and FTCS photocells);
  • the 6-digit display shows the status of the security devices and command functions, the number of manoeuvres carried out by the motor and facilitates system settings such the current sensor levels, gate delay, current force when closing and deceleration speed;
  • control inputs: opening, closing, sequential button and limited opening;
  • safety device inputs NC or 8K2: FTCI, FTCS, CSP and TB;
  • travel limits can be enabled or disabled viadip-switch;
  • two radio control functions are available with function 1 working as a sequential command while function two can be accessed via the terminal board and can be used as a logic-controlled courtesy light;
  • available outputs: electric lock (12 Vdc), warning lights (24 Vdc), indicator light (24 Vdc), controlled and fixed loads at 24 Vdc;
  • motor selection via the 6-digit display.
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