Cardin Elettronica are pleased to inform their customers that important upgrades have been applied to the Cardin on-board ECU's and external electronic programmers fitted with encoders. The aim of this important update is the creation of an automation device that has greater performance levels, greater reliability and at the same time is easier to install and use. The entire range of upgraded ECU's andelectronic programmers will be available from November 2015 onwards.

The ECU with graphic display (128 x 128 pixels) already fitted in several products has been upgraded with the Multi Decoding function which allows the use of different radio control systems by simply substituting the code memory module S449 to S504, and S486 to S508 and vice versa. The presence of this function will be indicated by the 'Multi Decoding' sticker applied both to the products external packaging as well as on the front page of the relative instruction manual.

The LCD Display (16 digits x 2 lines) supplied with the sliding gate automation SL524CB has been upgraded with the multi decoding function.

The electronic programmers supplied with the series BL - HL and INSIDE have been upgraded with the new graphics display (128 x 128 pixels) as well as the new multi decoding function.

SLX324 - SLX1524 - SL524CB - BL824MCB - BL3924CSB - BLTOW24LM - BL224 - HL2524ESB - HL1824ESB - SLi924 - BLi1000 - BLi924
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