SSB-500 is a remote control system that communicates with all the receivers of the series S500. The keypad, available in two models SSB-504 and SSB-508 is a state of the art transmitter which allows the command to be activated only after a personal code has been inserted (present in memory).
This high security system has a million different code combinations, has the possibility to memorise up to 500 user codes and can command up to four separate functions.
The electronics are encased in an ABS reinforced nylon fibre, scratch proof and shockproof container with back-lighting command buttons. It is quick to install and is easy to mount on the wall thanks to its special attachment base. The hard wearing case and its waterproofing grade of IP57 make it suitable for external installations.
Thanks to a proximity / twilight sensor back-lighting is activated simply by moving the hand towards the keypad in periods of insufficient light. Back-lighting will automatically switch off after 5 seconds of inactivity.

An SSB-500 keypad working together with a series S500 receiver allows the remote activation of electrical and electronic devices that require high security such as: alarm systems, automatic opening systems and access control etc.

After 3 consecutive attempts to inert an incorrect code the system will block for 20 seconds and will then reactivate itself automatically. Access to all programming and memorising functions is protected by a password which can be changed for each user thus guaranteeing maximum security.

SSB-500 is an extremely secure state-of-the-art radio control system with 128 bit cryptography.

Features of the SSB-500 keypad:
- green/red indicator LED
- 10 numerical keys (0-9)
- one confirm key
- an operation cancel key #
- 4 channel functions (A, B, C, D)
- a signal buzzer.
- a proximity / twilight sensor
- 500 user codes (max. 6 digits each);
- 1 million available code combinations.
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