Radio programmer RPQ504IT0-RPQ508IT0

We are pleased to inform our customers the range of products able to interact with S500 radio control system has been increased.

- RPQ504IT0 radio programmer ON/OFF + TIMER 433 MHz;
- RPQ508IT0 radio programmer ON/OFF + TIMER 868 MHz;

RPQ504IT0/RPQ508IT0 isdedicated to specific tasks such as the remote control of external (garden) and internal (household) lighting as well as the remote control of 230 Vac power sockets.

The device has the following connections:
- a 230 Vac power supply contact with 2000 Watts maximum power;
- a potential free contact;
- a dynamic button input
- a switching input (selectable): this can be used together with a twilight detection device to stop the 
  lighting system from switching on during daylight hours.

It also features two-button numerical programming on a two digit display allowing you to set the time that the outputs are to be activated from a minimum of 1 minute to a maximum of 23 hours 59'.

Extremely secure state-of-the-art radio control systems with 128 bit cryptography giving 1 million available code combinations and the possibility of storing up to 1000 user codes.

Contenitore antiurto da esterno in ABS - IP55.
Dimensioni di ingombro 139 x 115 x 44.
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